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Good reasons to Donate Blood
  1. Blood saves lives: When a unit is donated, it is separated into 3 components and can therefore enhance the lives of 3 patients.
  2. There is NO known substitute: Only real human blood will do.
  3. Blood is in short supply: Because the need for blood is so unpredictable, we are often in short supply as only 1% of the Namibian population are blood donors.
  4. It’s for a good cause: The recipients of blood donations are patients who require the blood to enhance their chance at life. Giving does not get better than this.
  5. It could be you requiring blood someday: It’s not nice to consider, but there is a possibility that you, a close friend, or a family member could well be the next car accident victim, or surgery patient requiring a transfusion. Is it not reassuring to know that if you donate regularly, the blood supply could be sufficient and available if you need it.
  6. The process is safe and quick: The normal blood donation process takes about 20 minutes and we use sterile, disposable equipment to ensure there’s no risk of infection.
  7. Be someone’s hero and join the 1% of the Namibian population that are blood donors.
What is blood used for?

Many lifesaving medical treatments require blood transfusions. Which and how many blood products are given to a patient will depend on his or her individual needs. Some of the patients who typically require blood transfusions are:

  1. Cancer patients
  2. Leukemia patients
  3. Burn patients
  4. Those receiving organ or bone marrow transplants
  5. Premature babies
  6. Victims of traumatic injuries and accidents
  7. Patients undergoing certain surgeries