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The South West Africa Blood Transfusion Service was established in 1963.  At that time, testing facilities were not available in Namibia and the institution only collected blood, while testing was done by the South African Institute for Medical research until 1986. In cases of blood shortages, additional blood stock was obtained from South Africa.

On 1 January 1987, a fully operational blood transfusion service was established, and after Namibia’s independence, the service was renamed The Blood Transfusion Service of Namibia (NAMBTS).  The premises from which we initially operated were behind the Windhoek Central Hospital.

NAMBTS now has 6 fixed donation sites (two in Windhoek, one each in Swakopmund, Ondangwa, Walvis Bay and Oshakati) while our Administrative Head Office, Laboratory and Main Testing Facility in 35 Tal Street, Windhoek.  The organisation employs approximately 120 staff members.

Our organisation is dedicated to providing the patients of Namibia with sufficient, safe and effective blood products, and with medical services related to blood transfusion, in an equitable, cost effective manner.